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"I ain't easy in my mind/* he declared. "Thev's some as
won*t tech terbacker, snuff, smoke, ner chew, ner lav a hand
to hit fer a liven. They say hit's a God's curse,n

" A man living round here hasn't much choice," Mr. Munn

** Hit's come to my mind hit's a curse," Mr. Grimes said,
"like they says, and hit a curse all these years and me too
blind to see."

Mr. Munn leaned over and tightened the girth on his
mare. UI don't reckon it's that bad," he returned.

" Hit's a curse," Mr. Grimes insisted, " laid on to the land,
hit looks lak."

Mr. Munn swung up to the saddle. From his height he
looked out over Mr. Grimes' head and over the fields, where
darkness was gathering. It seemed to gather and rise from
the fields, rising to extinguish whatever little light yet showed
in the upper air. " Well," he concluded, " I'm sorry you're

"Hit ain't yore doen," Mr. Grimes said.